Hi, I'm Megan.

You're here! Which means you're either wanting to get to know me more before investing in my work, learning more about my personality or internet stalking me. Whichever it is, HI!

My name is Megan, I am a wife to my hubby, Nick and we have three kiddos- Ethan, Max & Violet. They are our everything and definitely keep a fire burning under our asses. We had Ethan in 2011 and then got hitched in 2013. Max joined us in 2014 and our little Violet made it earth-side in 2017. Family is EVERYTHING to me and is basically my drive to continue on my journey.

I am a sucker for interior design and all things DIY. You can find me working on a specific room in our house or a totally random project at least once a month. It keeps my creative juices flowing. I learn everything from YouTube University and I'd like to think that I am close to getting my Bachelors degree in DIY shiplap.

Things I love: Photography (must I even add this?), Target, Neutrals, Rae Dunn, 90's commercial jingles, COFFEE, amazon, the color yellow and shaking my bootay on the dance floor.

Things I don't love: Cockroaches, when my glasses are dirty, people with no sense of humor, bad service at a restaurant.

Being able to capture all the things surrounding love is my jam and I have learned to appreciate the little things from behind my lens. Want to chat more or have a question? Maybe even find out my hidden talents? You can either A. Shoot my an email, B. Text me or C. Slide up in my DM's on the gram. Can't wait to meet you!