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You're here! Which means, you're at least somewhat interested in what I have to say about myself. I'll tell you this first, I hate talking about myself but here we go!

My name is Megan, I am a wife to my hubby, Nick and we have three children, Ethan, Max and Violet. They are our everything and definitely keep a fire burning under our asses. We had Ethan in 2011, got married in 2013 and then Max joined us in 2014 and our little Violet made it earth-side in 2017. Family is EVERYTHING to me and is basically my drive to continue on my journey.

I am a sucker for interior design and all things DIY. You can find me working on a specific room in our house once a month. I learn everything from YouTube University and I'd like to think I am close to getting my bachelors degree in DIY shiplap. 

Things I love:

Photography (must I even add this?), Target, Neutrals, Rae Dunn, 90's commercial jingles,  COFFEE, amazon, the color yellow.

Things I don't love:

Cockroaches, when my glasses are dirty, people with no sense of humor, bad service at a restaurant. 

Being able to capture all things surrounding love is a blessing and I have learned to appreciate the little things from behind my lens. Want to chat more? Have a question? Fill out the contact form, I'd love to meet you!

Contact me

Tel: 305-310-9833

Email: Megan@cosmiclovephotography.com